General Sands BUSTS the Mum of the Cannibal Kids !! Ella Draper’s 1st husband is in the same cult as her 2nd husband Ricky Dearman! *

RED NOTICE: Agent Belinda McKenzie set up Sabine McNeill and General Sands. MI5 McKenzie is working with CIA’s WikiLeaks insider MI5 Agent Annie Machon. (McKenzie is Machon’s landlord.)  Neelu on High Sherlock for covering for McKenzie. Karen Irving is working for Ricky Dearman. 1/ 2/ 3

We’re reuploading all the Hampstead videos to a different platform, because YouTube deleted General Sands’ account for posting them including 500 videos. Don’t worry. No problem. Stay tuned.

General Sands was kidnapped at Julian Assange’s home in London 2015 in this world famous Cannibal Kids case for fighting cannibals after witnessing an underground ceremony during a Hampstead Christ Church service. It’s why Assange leaked spirit cooking which sparked Pizzagate. 

Always remember: UK Queen took the Freeman oath 70 years ago to City of London ruled by Antichrist Jacob Rothschild.

General Sands Ties WikiLeaks Spirit Cooking Leak TO HAMPSTEAD Cannibal Kids via UK MI5 Spies !!

The Case Transcripts

Alisa Transcript AND Gabriel Transcript

HERE ARE MEDICAL REPORTS proving Hampstead kids were raped and UK court covered it up.

GoDaddy gave General Sands’ to a Freemason cop in UK. 

See: and search for Hampstead.