General Sands Ties WikiLeaks Spirit Cooking Leak 
TO HAMPSTEAD Cannibal Kids via UK MI5 Spies !!

I’m General Sands, owner of I operated the site FOUR years before UK Queen very recently stole it from me, and I’m not even British or living in the UK.

I was arrested at Julian Assange’s home in 2015 in this world famous child cannibal case for fighting cannibals face-to-face after I witnessed an underground ceremony during a Hampstead Christ Church service. I believe with all my heart there’s mass child rape and cannibalism going on inside Church of England.


General Sands Presents …

The Cannibals of London 

Television Series  (97 Videos)  — Rated R for Disturbing Content

NEW | Hampstead Case Transcripts

Alisa Transcript AND Gabriel Transcript

HERE ARE MEDICAL REPORTS proving Hampstead kids were raped and UK court covered it up.

GoDaddy gave control of my web site to a Freemason cop in the UK. UK law says nobody can sue the Queen for anything: even for cannibalism and mass child rape.  Remember: Jimmy Savile was hanging out with UK Royals. For months while I was at Assange’s, Met Police told me their allegiance is ONLY to UK Queen. They also said UK Royals murdered Diana and told me to look up Nazi Committee 300.   Remember: the UK Royals are German.

Very important to note historians agree UK Royals have a long history of cannibalism.

Steven Martin is the FREEMASON cop in London
who ate

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Prison: Bronzefield

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On UK Royals ties to cannibalism & mass child rape. *